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Find in our wide range, the compressed air dryer you need to control the humidity in the ambient air or flow. Our expert advisors will help you to make the best choice. We are manufacturers. Contact us without obligation!

Wide range of refrigeration dryers of all sizes

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The compressed air drying process in your facilities through the use of compressed air dryers, together with the filtration process, are the most important processes for the safety of production processes and it is of great importance to maintain your compressed air network moisture-free.

We define the dryer as the machine that through its system allows to greatly reduce the moisture content in the ambient air or in the air flow, thus helping to treat the compressed air, making it cleaner and thus moisture does not generate greater corrosion in the equipment or pneumatic connections, thus allowing greater durability and maintenance of the system. There are different types of dryers, the use of each one will depend on the humidity levels and ambient temperature.

Wide range of compressed air dryers

Regardless of the place in which it is found, all atmospheric air always contains some humidity. When air cools to the point of not being able to retain more water vapour (saturation point), it begins to condense generating liquid water. This process happens at a temperature called the dew point. We are talking about a form of measurement, to know how much drying is needed for the air. Clean, dry air is very important as it reduces system operating costs. Impurities such as solid particles, water and oil, accumulate on the surfaces of pipes and system components, causing a greater pressure drop.

Jender refrigeration dryers

The refrigeration dryers that we have in JENDER and as manufacturers of these, produce dry air with any volumetric flow and are designed by top quality industrial machines. Our dryers improve the safety of your processes no matter how harsh the service conditions may be, by preventing damage from condensation formation.
If you need to know more about the compressed air dryer you need or do not find the exact device, do not hesitate to contact us and our team will advise you.


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