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Fabricante purgas de condensación Jender

If you need to buy condensate drains, welcome to our specialized space where we offer our brand condensation drains. We have a large stock of condensation drains.

Condensate traps are an essential part of the steam and condensate loop. It is important not to go wrong in choosing the wrong trap for an application, or not considering the load during start-up or working conditions, it could have a very significant impact on your process efficiency, energy costs, and it may even affect safety. If you have any questions, we will advise you.

Sale and distribution of purges at the best price

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Condensate drains online at the best price

Jender condensate drains, in all their options, offer the compressed air network installer the possibility of guaranteeing the customer the optimum operation of their compressed air installation with the evacuation of condensates which are generated in the air cicuit. With the manufacturing support of the Jender brand and with the guarantee of offering you the best market price in all the variety of drainage elements which are fundamental for the correct operation of drying and filtration, JENDER only distributes condensate traps guaranteed for their maximum efficiency. You can purchase our variety of drainage systems from our website in 3 simple steps or by contacting our commercial advisor.

Specialists in compressed air condensate drainage

At JENDER we offer a variety of capacitive, buoy, timed, and automatic drains. As a consumer of compressed air, we are aware of the problems caused by water condensates and the need to treat them from the word go.

Drains within a compressor room are installed in many areas such as compressor water separators, cyclone separators, tanks, refrigeration dryers, adsorption dryers and filters.

What type of condensate drain do you need?

Drain capacitive.

Jender’s capacitive drain works through an electronic sensor system, which automatically empties when it detects that the condensate reaches a certain level. It takes advantage of the pressure of the circuit for its evacuation, and through its design it manages to carry out this action with zero level of air loss. With the “Test” button we can check if the valve is working correctly, this being the only possible fault in this fully autonomous operation.

Buoy drain

This type of drain is used when a large amount of condensate is generated. It works mechanically when the level of condensates exceeds the discharge level; the buoy rises, the discharge mouth opens and the condensate is emptied. It can be used both in filters, as in cylinders, and separator filters automatically. This type of drain ensures reliable operation up to 20bar and includes a separate manual drain.

Timed drain

It works with an intelligent timer programmable in drain time and frequency. It consists of a programmable timer, a solenoid valve for condensate discharge in which the valve body itself incorporates a condensate filter, avoiding possible failures in the closing of the valves plus the shut-off valve.

Automatic drain

Drain used in filters to remove condensate from compressed air, it acts automatically when there is no pressure inside the filter tank itself. If you know which drain is the optimal one for your installation or you need to know more about it, do not hesitate to contact us and we will tell you all the pros and cons of each one of them. We guarantee the best market price for our product, with a fast 24/7 service and the possibility of purchase through our online store. Check prices for large quantities! Compare the price and product of our drains with that of other brands such as Jorc, Beko, Aldair and you will see that we offer the best value on the market. We have offers for large quantities and for compressed air installers.

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We are manufacturers of parts and accessories for compressed air installations, which differentiates us from the rest and gives us an advantage over the competition.

Do not hesitate and put yourself in our hands.

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