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Air filters for JENDER compressors | High quality [professionals]

Air Filters | Filtration For Pneumatic Installations

Soluciones de filtraje para aire comprimido y compresores

All the elements to carry out compressed air filtration for installations in our category. Find the filters and filter cartridges you need and if you have any questions, contact our team. We offer you the best prices for individuals and professionals.

Filter solutions for compressed air

Wide catalog for installers and professionals in air treatment filters

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Air filters for high quality compressors.

Air filters for compressors are funfamental to protect your pneumatic tools, in addition to controlling the outlet pressure of the compressors, they can be used for different functions and will ensure the execution of profitable mechanical work.

At JENDER we aim to offer you efficiency when it comes to obtaining the correct filtration, through an impeccable operation in the system of our articles. The carbon filter purifies air, using active carbon, in addition to retaining moisture and performs a pre-filtration of particles. The cyclone filter serves to separate up to 99% of the water from the compressed air.

We have a wide range of different compressor air filters, suitable for pneumatic, cyclonic, carbon and cartridge installations. Moreover, it is a highly guaranteed and safe material, produced under certification from European entities, which certify the nature of a guarantee of safety. We know that it is important for you to use quality products that ensure an unbeatable development in your installation.

Within the category of pneumatic air filters, we have a variety of elements, such as: separator filters, carbon filters, filter cartridges. In addition, we have electronic drains, which are used to discharge accumulated condensate in compressed air systems. We have timed, automatic and reliable drains with a simple mechanism when using them. We work to facilitate the usability of our artifacts, in order to adapt to your needs.

Everything in filters and filter cartridges at the best price.

We present a range of versatile products, since you can use them with different functionalities and they adjust to the needs you have. We guarantee you a commitment to integrity, due to the high level of engineering in the production of our filters. With a compact design, which facilitates storage.

Filters are the great allies in compressed air or gas installations. With them we adapt the air quality. The air quality level is determined according to the parameters of the ISO 8573-1 standard. This standard regulates the maximum level of contaminants in compressed air.

Jender offers a wide stock of filters for your compressed air installations. Do not hesitate to contact our sales team.

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Our responsibility is to guarantee you advice and efficiency in the event of any queries you may have, because we believe that our involvement is vital to our commitment to you.

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