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Filters for JENDER compressors | High quality [professionals]

Air Filters | Compressed Air Treatment

Filtration solutions for compressed air and compressors

We are specialists in compressed air filters and other solutions for air treatment. We are manufacturers and we offer high quality articles for both the professional and the individual. If you have anyquestions about the filter you need, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Buy filters for compressed air compressors and other filtration solutions

The use of filters in pneumatic installations is essential to improve air quality. A line filter is a piece of equipment used to treat compressed air in order to clean the compressed air of all kinds of impurities, even bacterial.

At Jender we provide your compressed air installations with a wide variety of filters. If you do not know which filter you require, do not hesitate to consult with our expert advisor.

Distribution, manufacture and sale of filters for compressed air installations.

If you are a professional or you know about the subject of treatment, the environment from which the compressors take in air is very variable. And no matter how clean the atmosphere that surrounds a compressor may seem, it can surely contain some element that contaminates the system. From the simplest to the most complex installation, such as medical air, we must analyze the maximum permissible contamination limits and select the appropriate filtering system for each case.

Filters are necessary for compressed air or gas installations and it is with them that we adapt the quality of the air / gas to the requirements of each plant.

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