Jender Band Saws

Sierras de cinta y banda para corte Jender

At Jender, as manufacturers, we offer you an extensive catalogue of band saws. If you need to buy a circular blade saw and do not know the measurements, our technical team can advise you on the search.

On the website and online store of Jender Supplies, we have band saws with different teeth and development and if it is not in stock we will obtain it in a short space of time. Do not hesitate to ask us about the type of teeth and pattern you need.

Manufacture and sale of blades for band saws or cutting bandsaws

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Manufacture and sale of blades for band saws or cutting bands

At JENDER we are distributors of saw blades for your band blades. On our website you will find different types of saws with different patterns and types of teeth for cutting metal.

Metal band saw blades are used as a cutting tool for use in circular saw blades. The quality of the cut, accuracy of the cut and the costs depend on the mechanical blade and the disk.

Cutting belts for different materials

When carrying out a cut with our band saw we want the highest precision, so to achieve this we use the blades that meet our cutting requirements, so we choose the best ones to achieve the highest quality jobs with the greatest safety and durability

We also suggest the following options for other services and products that we offer at JENDER:


Consult our expert advisors if you have any questions. We are specialists in band saws.