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depósitos de aire comprimido y accesorios

At Jender we have a wide range of compressed air cylinders and tanks for compressors of different capacities, as well as other accessories for their installation. We ship to any province in Spain. Contact us without obligation!

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Sale and distribution of pressure tanks for Jender compressed air

In a compressed air installation, the place where a compressor cylinder has been strategically installed, will mean savings both in energy consumption and in life hours. These have the function of receiving and storing the air from the compression equipment.

Compressed air cylinders, also known as deposits, are a key element in any compressed air installation to improve its efficiency and effectiveness.

Air tanks of different capacities

Our cylinders are from the Spanish brand JENDER, a specialist in compressed air solutions for more than 10 years. The capacities of the tanks we work with are: 270-litre tank, 500-litretank at 11 bar, 500-litre tank at 16 bar, 720-litre tank and 900-litre tank.

Benefits of compressed air tanks

Steel cylinders bring several beneficial effects to the compressed air installation:
+ They compensate for pressure fluctuations in the network, which are more pronounced in the case of piston compressors.
+ They improve the thermal balance and the useful life of the compressor, since they allow rest times for it.
+ They facilitate the cooling of air from the compressor. The size influences this cooling and thus the amount of water retained.
+ They can be considered a first line filter, since they retain impurities from the compressor.

It has never been easier to have your own pneumatic network and have the peace of mind of complying with the applicable regulations. If you have any questions, you can contact our team of professionals.

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