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Industrial Technical Aerosols | Jender Sprays

Aerosoles técnicos industriales Jender

At Jender we have an extensive catalogue of technical industrial aerosols, also called technical sprays for use in different sectors such as chemical, pharmaceutical, automotive, plastic, metallurgy, electronics and construction. These technical sprays are used today in all industrial sectors and for multiple applications, which serve to care for and protect surfaces, for cleaning, degreasing, lubrication, loosening and separating.

We are manufacturers of all kinds of industrial sprays for professionals or private users; ask us about your needs and our advisor will offer you the best solution.

An extensive catalogue of industrial technical aerosols and in spray cans.

Buy Industrial Technical Aerosols and Sprays

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Buy online all types of industrial sprays for different applications.

At JENDER we have technical sprays to dissolve rust, clean parts, lubricate and grease; we offer you a specific spray for each function.

An extensive catalogue of professional aerosols that meet the highest quality standards backed by the best brands on the market. The sprays that we have are designed to facilitate production, maintenance and repair work. They offer multiple advantages due to their speed, comfort and efficiency, in all imaginable work areas.

These types of applications have become an indispensable tool in daily work to protect against corrosion, prepare surfaces before painting or working with adhesives, lubricate, separate, among others. Even for the food industry, thanks to the incorporation of a specific line of products with NSF certification.

We have Technical Sprays for production, maintenance and repair work to fulfill such diverse functions as:

– Lubricate, preserve, loosen and separate easily and quickly.

– Zinc Sprays for cathodic anticorrosive protection.

Spray glue for paper, cardboard, wood, thin veneers, cork, leather, textiles, felt, soft cellular plastic, rubber and cellular rubber, plastic sheets and foams. Available for permanent bonding or for removable or repositionable bonds.

Sprays for cleaning and preparing surfaces, such as the removal of adhesive residues, dirt caused by oils, greases, resin and tar, lubricants, etc.

– Lubricants for the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries that can be used for the lubrication of toothed and helical gears; joints and couplings; reels and bearings; chains and cables; or in springs, as well as in many industrial fields.

If you do not find the aerosol for industry you need or do not know which one you need within our wide range, you can contact us through the mail or by calling 965 448 922 and our Technical Department will contact you as soon as possible


Buy Industrial Technical Aerosols and Sprays

As a manufacturer of sprays we have such a variety of industrial aerosols such as oils and greases, unblockers, anticorrosives, anti-seize pastes, strippers, degreasers, leak detectors, water markers, varnishes, dielectrics, cleaners, lubricating greases, mould release agents, and all this in aerosol format, which allows us to work and apply in the fastest way. Which one do you need?

We are specialists in technical sprays and we can send what you need to the point where you are.

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