How to buy in the JENDER Online Shop?

We have designed our new online shop to make shopping as pleasant an experience as possible, making it intuitive and at the same time simple. We believe we have achieved this, but you are the best judge.


Buying is now easier than ever. First of all we have to go to the top right corner and click on LOG IN/OUT or to the page MY ACCOUNT and register by typing user data (name, surname, company name, etc…), billing address, payment method… you will find a single screen with tabs as shown in the images. It is very important to detail the shipping address if you want it to be the same for billing or one for shipping and another address to send invoices, that depends on the preferences of each client.


Not sure how to search for the product you want? just browsing? want your search to be quick and easy?

In that case, we recommend that you browse through the different product categories on the SHOP page where you will find all the categories that encompass our products.

To do this you can use either the top menu (see image 1) or the shortcuts on the home page (see image 2). You can also use the search engine, represented by a magnifying glass at the top right of the menu, and type in the specific article you need.


Well, if you are very clear about what you are looking for, you can simply use the search engine that you will always find available at the top right. Type in the name or model of what you are looking for and that’s it.

You know what you’re looking for but the name doesn’t come up now? You only remember that it was a compressor… just type in compressors, and you will probably find the compressor (and the other models) you were looking for.


Great. Now you can add as many units as you want to your cart and continue shopping, or if you’re done, it’s time to checkout.

To do this, click on the cart icon at the top right and it will show you everything you have been adding. Check once again that you have everything you want. If not, you can always return to the shop and continue shopping, or directly change the number of units or even delete a product in the cart itself.


We are coming to the end. Now there are just a few simple steps left:

a) Fill in your shipping address. When you do this, the system will calculate your shipping costs directly, and if you have reached the minimum amount, it will not apply any cost, giving you free shipping.

b) Enter any discount codes or coupons you have. We periodically send our registered users some coupons, as well as with orders, so keep an eye out for them.

c) And then it’s time to pay. Here you have several options:

Credit card payment. Through the secure REDSYS gateway you can make your payments with all the guarantees. Your details are not stored or saved, and you control the payment process at all times. Totally secure.
Bank transfer. When you choose this option in the shopping cart, when you place your order you will receive an e-mail with the bank details to make the transfer and formalise the order. Remember that you must make the transfer within 48 hours of placing the order.
Paypal. You can choose this option if you are a registered Paypal user. You can also register at the time of purchase, or pay by credit card.