Piston Compressor 10 HP 500 Liters

Piston compressor for compressed air with 10 hp power and 500 litre tank

Piston compressor of high performance with 500 litres tank for hard work of continuous activity, with 10 hp of power.

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Technical features of the Jender 10 hp 500 litre air compressor:

  • Belt drive transmission.
  • 10hp power.
  • 10hp of power.
  • 400/50/3 Volt/Hz.
  • Capacity 500 Litres.
  • Boiler capacity 500 Litres.
  • Capacity 500 Litres.
  • Sound pressure 78 dB (A).
  • Sound power 99 Lwa.
  • JP 981 head.
  • 2 Cylinder / 2 Stage.
  • Intake air 912 l/min.
  • Max working pressure 10 bar.
  • Power output 10 Kw.
  • 1280 r.p.m.
  • Max working pressure 10 bar.
  • Power output 10 Kw.

Piston compressor for professional use in industry, crafts and agriculture, with a power of 10 hp of highest energy efficiency, with high performance capacity, also has 500 litres of boiler, specially developed for continuous use, suitable for giving power to other tools, perform tasks such as inflating car tyres, etc. One of the most powerful compressors on the market and you can find them now on the Jender website and online shop.

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