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Tanks for compressed air installation JENDER | Best prices

Vertical Tanks | Compressed Air

depósitos de aire comprimido y accesorios

A wide range of vertical compressed air tanks manufactured by us, on our website and online store. Consult our team and we will advise you and offer the best price.

Buy compressed air tanks for Jender compressors

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Sale and distribution of compressed air tanks for installations.

The air compressor tank that we offer is characterized by incorporating pressure gauges, safety valves, and its vertical orientation. In addition, we have the assembly kit for the installation of the tank, with the necessary tools for a smooth start-up.

Compressed air tanks represent an innovation within the sector, due to the logistics and development that we promote at JENDER, through a philosophy that promotes improvement and optimization in our range of products, and in the methodology in the professional world.

Buy compressed air tanks at the best price

The air tank assembly kit for compressors is made up of a ¼ pressure gauge from 0 to 16 BAR, with a wet dial, containing glycerin inside the mechanism, which makes it resistant to falls and shocks. In addition, a ½ ball valve, with a manual handle, and a lever with a locking system.

A reduction nut, which cuts at high pressure rating. A ½ male-female elbow fitting made of brass.

In addition, a 300mm 1/2 ″ nipple, stainless steel heel and ½ safety valve, ideal for use in circuit installations.
Our tank stores the compressed air, maintains it and contributes to regulating the compressor between the flow generated and the flow consumed.

It has different capacities 270 litres / 11 bar, 500 litres / 11 bar, 500 litres / 16 bar, 720 litres / 11 bar and 900 litres / 11 bar and adjustable pressure regulation.

When choosing a compressor tank, it is important to choose the right size tank, which is why at JENDER we have different capacities, so that you can find the ideal option against corrosion.

The following list that we provide contains some categories of pressure tanks and accessories:


We have the experience and the highest endorsement, because we supply material for you to develop highly professional installations, thanks to the technical characteristics of our products. We have a large stock with the necessary accessories to work the way you want.

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